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Golf is a favorite sport worldwide, and it’s for all ages. Plus, it’s more than just a competition. You get a lot of benefits you can think of. Golfing can help you shake the stress away, improves your focus, and it can be a social event. Golf clubhouses are an excellent venue for socializing and making new friends. It’s also a perfect exercise as golf involves a lot of walking on the golf course and swinging the golf club is a good exercise, too.

If you’re a golf lover and you’re in Aliso Viejo, don’t worry. The Aliso Viejo golf course amenities are sure to make your golfing experience a whole lot better. Also, Aliso Viejo has a temperate climate with sunny skies, making it a great place for golfing.

Here are some of the popular golf courses in Aliso Viejo:

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