Aliso Viejo

Your Guide to Aliso Viejo

It’s no secret how successful Aliso Viejo is as a community. The City is full of homes that mirror the real luxury of the California lifestyle without compromising the beauty of suburban living. This city offers the right mix of calm and vibrant way of life. If you’re one active fellow, you can take advantage of the challenging hiking trails in Aliso Viejo.

Come to Aliso Viejo and make the best out of nature. Take part of the walk towards better health by challenging your endurance in the following trails in the city:

Castle Rock Road to West Ridge Trail

Trailhead: Hollyleaf and Castle Rock Road near Canyon View Park

  • From the 73 toll road, follow these directions:
  • Head south on Pacific Park Drive to Canyon Vistas
  • Go west and turn left on Silkwood
  • Turn right on Bottlebrush
  • Park along Holyleaf for the easiest access

This 4-mile roundtrip hiking trail in Aliso Viejo offers an all-around view of the city. Hikers can enjoy the excellent overview of Vantis development and the Renaissance SportsClub hotel. Laguna Beach is also beauty from this trail. The 73 toll road and 133 highway all intersect at the top of a series of bluffs, and they offer notable drop-down views.

You should keep an eye out for mountain bikers here since this trail is also famous to these adrenaline-junkies. It’s a favorite because of its well-maintained road that sends the riders zipping down the mountain. This trail is generally easy and remains notable for its link with the famous Top of The World trail. Once you reach the right spot above this hiking trail in Aliso, the overlooking view of the Laguna Beach coastline will be your reward.

Soka University Millenium Trail

This one-mile loop offers an easy adventure experience for those who want a taste of hiking trails in Aliso Viejo. You can avail free parking on campus. Hikers love it here because of the many rarely seen views of many canyons and vistas in Aliso Viejo. This route is best for beginners who wish to enjoy hiking. Many views are worth the trek, and if you’re lucky enough, you might catch a view of the deer and small animals around the trail.


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